1. Safety Instructions
  The liquid in the LCD should not be swallowed or touched.

If it accidentally gets on your hands,wash them with water.
  2. Handling Instructions
  The LCD panel is a glass product developed through precision processing and special

orientation treatment. If prossure is applied to the panel, therefore orientation may be disturbed,

making it difficult to return to its original condition, it is apt to creak or break easily if it is dropped

or hit to a external shock.
  3. Nounting Instructions
  a. When connecting a LCD panel to circurit board, it is recommended to use a ruber       connector or fecxicle connector. Direct soldering or mechanical connection is not       possible, the pin connected type LCD permits soldering of pins.

b. When connecting a LCD panel on a ciecuit, it must be taken care and not apply excessive
     force on the display surface of the panel with a fingertip, etc., otherwise, it may cause an
     operating failure or shorten the lifetime of the panel.

c. Voltage of driving voltage higher than the specified voltage will reduce the lifetime of the       liquid crystal display panel.

d. LCD panels should be handled with care during shipment. If, however, the terminals are
     contaminated, wipe off with a alcohol.

e. The polarizer must be handled carefully, because it is soft and apt to suffer damage.
     The protective panel is attached to the polarizer to avoid damage and contamination, it       should be removed just before use as possible.

f. Use a dry, soft cloth to clean the polarizer, if contamination persists, wipe it off with a small
   amount of petroleum benzine. Avoid using an organic solvent as much as possible.

g. When attaching with the heat seal or anisotropical conductive film wipe off with alcohol       before use.
  4. Storage Instructions
  a. Avoid storage in high temperature and high humidity if long term storage is required keep       the penels at a temperature off 10 to 35¢ªC and at a relative humidity of 65% or less.

b. The LCD unit should be stored in dark place,do not expose it to direct sunlight or       fluorescent lamps.

c. Note that the presence of waterdrops or dew in the LCD panel may deteriorate the polarizer       or corrode the electrode.
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